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5G is a technology of wireless digital cellular networks, who was
born in 2019.At the present,the developed world intends to deploy
5G service to serve telecommunications.
The recurring spectrum of 5G wave is divided into millimeter waves
mind band and low band. The millimeter wave is the fastest, with a
speed of 1 to 2 Gbit / s . 5G middle band has 20 more networked
deployments. 100 in mega hartas wide band the speed is usually
below 100 to 400 mbit per second. recurring 2.4 GHZ deployed is
4.2 GHZ.
Network user demand for bant width increass. The demand for
high quality video and software technology has inereased . want
to use 5G for more efficiency in less time.
5G neets high speed demand in future. The ease of doing technical
work on mobile and width in the use of scientific discoveries. It gives
users immense work speed.

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