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Swadeshi App Elements in Indian Social Media

Since the day China’s 59 apps have been banned, our new apps, phones, and other technology in India have attracted our attention and we are going to be self-sufficient in terms of technology, so you will be happy to know. The Elevation App has been launched by the Vice President of India, Venkayanadu, during the launching event, Art of Living founder Shri Ravi Shankar was also present. Hours after its launch, millions of people have downloaded this app from the Google Play Store.
Element is a comprehensive social networking app that is a one-stop app for literally everything you need. Connect and interact with friends, update updates, network with like-minded people, find interest, make intuitive voice and video calls, and more with Element.
Users can download this first home app Elements from Google Pale Store, 8 languages ​​will be used in the early phase, you can use the language of your choice, as well as audio-video calling will also be provided. The main objective of this app is to add features of social media apps.

  • Special emphasis on data privacy

It is often heard that the data has been stolen or the data has been lost, the foreign companies have failed in this case, so special care has been taken of the data privacy in the Elements app, the user’s data in the Elements app will be safe and without permission. No third party will be given.
Significantly, there is a large number of social media users in India. But so far most of the foreign companies are dominant in the social media market due to India’s lack of apps. Meanwhile, the country’s first ‘super social media app elements (Elements) have been launched on July 5 in the country. The specialty of this app is that the user’s data in it will be completely secure and will not be given to any third party without permission.



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