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What is a mouse and how does it work

There are many parts in the hardware of a computer, in which the mouse is a hard part, which is one way of the computer in the same way that our hands do many things like lifting, holding, etc. Similarly, the mouse controls the screen on the computer. The mouse has a cursor point on the screen. The mouse also includes wire laces and wires.
What is mouse
A mouse is an input device, originally named Pointing Device. It is mainly used in selecting, moving and opening and closing items on the computer screen. Through the mouse, the user instructs the computer. Through this, the user can reach anywhere on the computer screen.
A simple mouse is rectangular and has three buttons.
(1) Primary Button (Left Button)
(2) Secondary Button (Right Button)
(3) In the middle are known as Scroll Wheel.
These are called Right Click and Left Click in simple language. And the third button is called the Scroll Wheel. Now more than three buttons have started coming in the modern Mouse, which has different functions.

There are many types of mouse, it is different due to its functionality or design. It is as follows –
* Mechanical Mouse
* Optical Mouse
* Wireless Mouse
* Trackball Mouse
* Stylus Mouse

Mouse pointer
After the mouse introduction, how your mouse point works. The mouse appears on the computer screen in the form of some shape called a mouse pointer. You know the mouse pointer by the name of Cursor. It also keeps changing its form according to its position on the computer screen.
Mouse functions
Mouse is a multifunctional device. Mouse is mostly used for lifting, holding, holding items etc. on the computer screen, with the help of which many tasks can be done such as: –
Pointing – When moving the cursor over an item and clicking on it tells about the item.
Selecting – After pointing at an item on the computer screen, pressing the left button of the mouse once, the item is selected. This is called Selecting.
Clicking – The action of pressing the mouse button is called Click, it is clicked in three ways according to the function.
(1) Single Click
(2) Double Click
(3) Triple Click
Dragging and Dropping – To click any item available on the computer screen from one place to another is called Dragging and Dropping.
Scrolling – Scrolling up and down a document, webpage on the computer screen is called Scrolling.


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