How to improve call quality

Friends, you often do not listen to the voice during calling and the loss of signal while talking on the phone, it increases our problems more when we have to do any important thing. Friends, we all keep facing this problem. Then whether it is to talk to your friends, discuss a project with an office seniors, or even ask about the health of your family sitting far away. So to reduce these problems, we have brought some trick tips for you, by adopting which we can improve the call quality in your house like keep the windows or doors of the room open, clean the speakers and earpiece, the phone Remove the cover, try to keep the phone battery above 25% and change the place and remember where a good signal comes. Even then, if a good signal is not found, then changing the place again and again seems a problem. People have realized this problem and have brought some tricks to solve it. The initial tips for Wi-Fi calling are as follows.
(1) Keep the windows or doors of the room open.
(2) Remove the phone cover and keep the speaker and earpiece clean.
(3) Keep the phone charged more than 25%.
(4) Take care of the place where the good network resides in the phone and change the location.
But frequently changing the place is a problem to deal with which Wi-Fi calling has been started, which has been implemented by Airtel first in the whole country. After clicking, you will click on primary sim or e sim, after that, click on Wi-Fi calling and turn on Wi-Fi calling. In this way, you can enjoy calling from any corner of the house using this trick.

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