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Make Computer & Laptop Faster for FREE

Make Computer & Laptop Faster for FREE
Hello friends, it often happens with our computer or laptop that they start running slowly or hang up, which hinders us from working on the PC. To solve this problem, we have brought some simple tips and tricks, by which the computer or laptop will catch 100% speed. Due to some reasons our PC starts running slowly or hangs like:

(1) Disabled startup program: –
There is some software in the computer window system that starts running in the background as soon as the system is turned on, although they are of no use in our PC. If you turn them off, the RAM will be freed up a bit, then our PC will reduce running, for this, we will press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the PC with the help of a keyboard, after this, we will get the option of Task Manager after clicking on it Click on Startup and disable unnecessary applications and speed up your PC.
(2) Forest Drive: –
With the help of this application, you can save and keep your data in the Internet cloud and can access it anytime by downloading it. And here you know that it keeps syncing by syncing and keeps sending data to the cloud, which causes your computer to slow down if the application is stopped then the PC can be prevented from slowing down. To stop this, you will have to search the One Drive application on the laptop, by clicking there, you will have to go to the settings and after clicking on the account you will get the option of unlink, clicking on it can stop the drive.
(3) disabled animation and visual graphics
If the animation in your system reduces the graphics to D grade, then the quality will look less, but the system will be fast. To stop it, go to the control panel of the system, here you will get the option to click on the system. Click on the option of System Settings. After this, you have to click on Settings in Advance, after this, you have to click on Simply Visualifacts, after that select Simple Custom and turn it off by selecting Animation.
(4) window update
This is an important topic, friends, you must have noticed that the window update options keep coming, if we connect the internet to the system from mobile then the data also ends. This makes the system slow. To disable this, by opening the services.MSC by pressing the button of window + R, the services will be opened as soon as you get the option of window update, you can disable the window update in the startup type option by right-clicking on it. But kept updating windows from time to time.
(5) Stop notification windows
For this, you have to right-click on the icon of the window, click on settings, after this, after clicking on the system, you will get an option, after clicking on the notification & action, you will get the option to turn off the notification so that it can stop.
(6) Clean Storage
Your computer or laptop has many files or such storage which is tampering, they are not used in the system, these unvoted files take up space in the hard disk due to which the system starts running slowly. They can be deleted automatically, for this, right-click on the icon of the window, click on Settings, then after clicking on the system, a storage option will appear and click on it, and if the option is off then turn on your storage. Will be cleaned
(7) scan your computer
Friends, you will know that if you use the window system, then Crack software must be used in the system. File, folder, the application must be downloaded and installed on your PC. So because of this, the virus comes in the system which can be removed for free. For this, you can install “anti mall ware” software from Google for free. Which will keep the PC pure?


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