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How to secure your smartphone with hackers

In today’s time, the importance of security in mobile computing like computers has increased rapidly. Because now personal and business information is stored on the smartphone. Like important documents, details of bank accounts, identity cards are being handled from smartphones. Today, four out of every five people use Android phones. They have become a part of our life. In this case, hackers can keep an eye on your important data. And they can steal your data and put you in a lot of trouble, in such a way, there are some built-in features to protect your phone, which can be helpful in this. Here we are talking about them.

Anti-viruses increase the security of smartphones manifold .. thereby protecting the phones from viruses created by hackers. It keeps smartphones safe from the use of anti-viruses like computers and laptops.

Phone and software update
Notification of software updates coming on our smartphones should not be ignored. By updating the software of the smartphone, the security of smartphones can be increased manifold. Smartphone companies are constantly bringing updates so that we can get many security-related dimensions to our phones using technology. To keep these phones updated from time to time for these advantages.

Use only trusted apps
Google has set up a dedicated team to check the apps to be added to the Playstore. It removes harmful apps before reaching users. However, for Android, apart from Playstore, you download apps from many other places. It does not reveal whether the app is safe to use or not. Therefore, it is prudent to disable installed apps from unknown places.

Install security app
To avoid data theft, like you install the security app on the computer, the same should be done on the smartphone. So that your phone stays secure. In this, security apps of all well-known companies are available. These include Avast, BitDefender, McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, etc.

Create a strong password
We often put the date of our birthday on the phone as a password. Which any hackers can easily trap. For passcode, you should choose such patterns or numbers which are difficult to guess. These days smartphones are coming with fingerprint scans for more security. Along with this, we should put a very strong password on social media apps and apps used for banking, which no one can easily trap.


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