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Basic Computer Top 5 Tricks

Everyone should have basic knowledge of the computer how to use the computer. Although it is possible to get success on the basics of computers, it will probably not be so easy for you, that is why we have brought some basic tricks for you that will easily tackle your computer work in a short time. These tricks make you more efficient in the land of computers. Even if you consider yourself above the basics or somewhat above computer aficionado, some of these suggestions may be new and useful to you.
(1) Writing data to CD / DVD
To write data to CD / DVD – right click on CD / DVD drive -> Properties -> Recording-> Enable CD Recording on this drive -> Apply -> Select the files and folders in My Computer to write to Then copy them and paste them into the CD / DVD drive, then click on the option on the side panel.
(2) Open the web site from the command prompt
To open the website from the command prompt, first, you need to type start-> Run-> cmd, then press enter -> c: \> next to the prompt, type and press enter.
(3) Delete of Recycle Bin
Everything we delete in our PC goes into the Recycle Bin. To delete it from here, close the Confirmation dialog – Right-click on Recycle Bin Icon -> Click on Properties -> Click on the Global tab Uncheck the -> Display delete confirmation dialog -> Apply
(4) Connecting two computers
Many times we need to connect two computers, for this, you can use these trips, for this, you need one end of RJ-45 (Register Jack-45) connectors which are attached at both ends of the cross wire. Place one computer in the LAN port of the network interface card and the other in the LAN port of the other computer’s network interface card.
For IP Settings:
Right-click on Start -> Settings -> Network Connections-> Local Area Connection -> Properties-> Select Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) -> Click on Properties button. In both computers, select Use the Following IP Address and enter the unique IP address of each computer. Keep one computer’s IP address and the other -> Put in the Subnet Mask box and press the OK button. Do this process on both computers. After this, your computer will be connected.
(5) Create workgroups as
Many times we need a workgroup on a computer for office work or other work. To make it, first of all, go to Start -> Control Panel-> System -> Computer Name tab and click on the Change button. Enter your computer name in the Computer Name Changes dialog box. Repeat this process on another computer and give it a different name. The workgroup (network) connecting the computers should also have a name. After giving the name of the computer, fill the name of your workgroup in the box named Member of Workgroup. (Eg me Network). Complete this process on both computers. Remember, the workgroups of both computers must have the same name. Press the OK button and both computers will restart once. Your network will be ready as soon as you restart.


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