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Tips for sharing folders

In this post, we will tell you through some of the best computer tricks on how to share folders in a short way. Which you should take advantage of. Let us learn how to share a file and folder from one computer to another, although it is a very simple task, if it is done for the first time then there is a problem, read this tips carefully and learn!

First of all, make a folder in both your computers, give it a name.
After that right-click on the folder and then click on Properties, select the Sharing button in it. Now select Share this folder and then give this folder a name.
In other computers, you will see the shared folder of this name. Now press the ok button.
To use:-
Click Start -> Settings -> Network Settings -> my network places. Now click on enter network and then double click on Microsoft windows. Double-click on the name of your workgroup, see the name of another computer. Click on the name of another computer and see, in it, you will see the shared folder and the files lying within it. Now the files of this computer have started being accessed on other computers. From here, you can see the files by copying them.


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