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Use these ‘Made in India’ apps compared to the Chinese app

The Indian government has banned Chinese apps thrice, for the first time 59 apps have been banned, including the most popular Tik Tok app. After this, 47 apps were ban and now on 2/09/2020, 118 apps including internal PUBG apps have been banned. Thus, a total of 224 Chinese apps have been sold so far. So use these ‘Made in India’ apps compared to these ‘Chinese apps’

Use these ‘Made in India’ apps compared to the Chinese app

The central government has banned the Chinese app keeping national security in mind, with the most popular apps being Tiktok, CamScanner, VivaVideo, and UC Browser. You may have used them too. Today we are going to tell you about a few selected apps that have ‘Made in India’ as well as breaking Chinese apps like Tiktok, CamScanner, VivaVideo, Zoom, and UC Browser. These apps will not let you miss the Chinese app.

Tiktok Options:-

You can use the following apps instead of Tik Tok.

Moj App: – This app is manufactured in India, which can replace Tik Tok. Like Tik Tok, it can put short videos and special effects. Its users are up to 1 million. And it got a rating of 4.0 points.

Chingari App: – This Indian app has downloaded more than 50 lakh users. You can download it from Google’s Play Store. It was built by the developers of Odisha and Karnataka in collaboration with IT Professionals in Chhattisgarh. It can use English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

Roposo App: – You must have heard about this Indian app. It gets a rating of 4.1 points. So far it has more than 50 lakh users. You can download this app from Google Play Store and App Store. And like Tik Tok, users can use it to make short videos.

Bolo Indya App: – This app gets a rating of 4.3 points on Google Play-Store. It can be used in other favorite languages along with Hindi and English. And you can enjoy videos related to news, travel, food, and other such topics. It was launched by a Mumbai startup.

Sharechat: – This is a social video plate form of a self-help company. It allows us to share videos and communicate with other users like Tik Tok. Its users are more than 100 million. And it has more than 10 language options.

Indian apps in place of UC browser: –

Instead of this Chinese app, we can use the following two alternative Indian apps. In which: –

(1) Bharat Browser: – This Indian app gets a rating of 4.1 points on the Google Play Store, which is produced by a startup called Bluesky Invention. It has a section for information and video and games of the state and union territory. At the same time, the size of this app is 8MB.

(2) Epic Privacy Browser: – This browser has been made by Bangalore tech company Hidden Riflex. The special thing of which is that in order to protect the user’s data, the Always Incognito browsing feature has been provided with a fingerprint and encrypted connection.

Use them in place of CamScanner:-

Compared to CamScanner, we can use the Zoho Scanner and Bharat Scanner Indian apps.

Zoho Scanner: – This app is brought by Chennai based software company Zoho. Using which you can scan the necessary documents and make backups of them. It gets a rating of 3.9 on the Google Play Store.

Bharat Scanner: – Bharat Scanner has come to compete with CamScanner which is available for Android users free on the Google Play Store and gets a rating of 4.2. In this, along with scanning documents, PDF can also be created.

Now replacing VivaVideo: Photo Video Maker with Music:-

You can now use Photo Video Maker with Music instead of VivaVideo to easily edit videos on smartphones. This app has many features to trim, cut, blur the background, add music, and edit good HD video with all other features. It comes with professional video editing tools that allow you to edit good videos on your smartphone.

Zoom V/S Jio Meet, Say Namaste:-

We have one of the leading apps in India to oppose the Chinese app Zoom, which includes Jio Meet from Reliance Jio and Say Namaste from a private firm. This Indian app is the best app for video conferencing.





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