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How to use pc shortcut key for these special characters

Whenever we do a task, we do it by thinking separately to deal with shortcuts, that is, in less time, that is why we like the word shortcut more in every task. But in computer work, the importance of this shortcut increases very much. Especially when it comes to typing. Yu uses many shortcut keys while typing but in this post, we will study how to use the PC shortcut keys for these special characters.

Friends, if you press a mathematical word with alt, many types of symbols are formed, but some of these symbols are used for us, which we can make our work easy by keeping it here. So let’s look at them through the table below.

What are the special characters?

Sometimes when we create an online password or write a post like this, we will see a hint or tooltip that references non-numeric keys like @, #, $,%, &, *, and +.
These are easy to enter as they are on the keyboard. Even if these are present on your keyboard, these are examples of “special characters”.
Conversely, there are many symbols (☺ ♥ ♣ ♦ $ ¢ ™ ©) that require you to enter several keys. There are no dedicated keyboard keys for them.

Currency Examples

Symbol                          Keyboard Codes

$ (Dollar)                              Alt 3 6
¢ (Cents)                              Alt 1 5 5
¥ (Yen)                                 Alt 1 5 7
ƒ (Guilder)                            Alt 1 5 9
€ (Euro)                               Alt 0 1 2 8
£ (Pound)                            Alt 0163
₣ (French Franc)                  Alt 8 3 5 5

Trademark, Copyright & Misc. Symbols.

Symbol                                Keyboard Codes
™ (Trademark)                       Alt 0 1 5 3
© (Copyright)                         Alt 0 1 6 9
® (Registered Copyright)        Alt 0 1 7 4
℅ (c/o)                                  Alt 8 4 5 3
№ (Numero sign)                    Alt 8 4 7 0
§ (Section sign)                      Alt 2 1
½ (One half)                           Alt 1 7 1
⅓ (One third)                         Alt 8 5 3 1
¼ (One quarter)                     Alt 0 1 8 8
⅛ (One eigth)                        Alt 8 5 3 9v

special characters keys

Shortcut Keys                        Special Character
Alt+0224                                          à
Alt+0232                                          è
Alt+0236                                          ì
Alt+0242                                         ò
Alt+0241                                         ñ
Alt+0228                                        ä
Alt+0246                                        ö
Alt+0252                                        ü
Alt+0248                                        ø
Alt+0223                                        ß
Alt+0198                                        Æ
Alt+0231                                         ç
Alt+0191                                         ¿
Alt+0176                                        ° (degree symbol)
Alt+0177                                        ± (plus/minus symbol)
Alt+0153                                       ™
Unicode is another way to represent and standardize characters. A major difference is the set size as there are more than 100,000 Unicode. Unicode also represents many more languages.


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