Memory card lifespan and care tips

Memory card lifespan and care tips

A memory card is a data-gathering electronic device that is used to store data. The memory card provides a permanent and non-volatile medium. These cards are mainly used in many electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, music players, and video games to store data and files. In this, the program can be rewritten and changes can also be made. It is solid and varying in texture. For this reason, up to one million data write or read/erase cycles can be used without demurrage. But these cards only have its Weakest Point which is its socket connector. They are used to remove and insert memory cards.
Proper care like other consumer electronic devices becomes very important to increase the memory card’s lifespan. So, in this post, we know about similar tips.
* Do not apply pressure to your memory card too much.
Do not let the card fall down nor bandit.
* When entering and exiting the memory card in the corresponding slot
Do not use force, this happens very easily.
* Use only compatible slots in different slots of the memory card.
* Keep the card away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature limits as it
The card may suffer damage.
* Always keep the card away from electrostatic sources to prevent damage.
* Never reject the card during some operation in the memory card
This increases the chances of the card being defective.
* When the cards are not in use, keep them in a box where there is very little chance of moisture.
* Although the storage capacity of these memory cards cannot be increased, you can delete unused files when the memory card is full. Or we can move elsewhere. This will increase the space and also increase the storage Will go.

Installing the processor in the computer

Installing the processor in the computer
The CPU or central processing unit is really the brain of any computer system. All the work of the computer system depends on the CPU. Without a CPU chip, the computer cannot do anything. The CPU consists of three sections, the arithmetic logic unit, the register, and its control unit. As these chips become faster, the growth of RAM should be maintained so that it can be very fast.
So let’s study our pointwise how to install a processor on a computer.
(1) First, you have to determine which CPU is on your computer or boot screen or using a diagnostic program. You can also extract information about the processor and see it well on your chip. The heatsink or fan on the chip has to be removed for viewing. See chip label for model, speed, and manufacturer.
(2) Turn off and unplug the computer
(3) Disconnect any component hindering the removal of the enclosure cover.
(4) Remove the screws from the back of the case and remove the cover away from the system unit case.
(5) Keep the cover in a safe place.
(6) Remove any and all electrical static charge from your clothing and body to a doorknob or any other grounded object.
(7) When the CPU chip is detected, the chip can be placed in the socket on the motherboard and depending on the type of computer, the socket can be shaped in various ways.
Note: Some CPUs are added to the motherboard and can only be exchanged by purchasing a new motherboard. This type of chip is called a proprietary chip.
(8) Check your computer manual to see if the CPU is proprietary before considering it to be more powerful. If the manual asks you to consult the manufacturer, if you want to upgrade the processor, the CPU will probably own it
(9) Remove such components as hard drives or expansion slots if necessary to gain full access to the chip. The new tower units allow easy access by removing some screws and sliding the panel down along the motherboard.
(10) Unlock the socket lever by opening the CPU. This lever is usually located on the side of the chip. Some chips have a clamp that must be removed. See the user manual to see the CPU components.
Note: Some chips are covered by a heat sink and/or a cooling fan. These components have to be removed and kept separate.
11 When inserting the new chip, place the raised end of the chip to match the bevel end of the socket. It was designed so that the chip could be set in only one direction. Note that when applying the heatsink back, you should apply the thermal paste over your CPU (but only in very small amounts)
12 Confirm that the chip you purchased is compatible with your system and ask if you can return the chip if there is a problem. Make sure the upgrade will do what you want it to do. With the CPU upgrade, your computer performance will improve but if you want to improve your Windows programs then you have to add more RAM.

Check the connection fittings that are secure. This is necessary because these connections become loose over time and cause problems that can cause you to create software.
Note: If you are working on the system and have problems, then go back and look at the last items and nearby connectors. Make sure you don’t leave any loose connectors inadvertently.
Maintain your computer and clean it regularly. It is a good idea to open the system and remove dust accumulated on other boards from time to time on the motherboard.

Make Computer & Laptop Faster for FREE

Make Computer & Laptop Faster for FREE
Hello friends, it often happens with our computer or laptop that they start running slowly or hang up, which hinders us from working on the PC. To solve this problem, we have brought some simple tips and tricks, by which the computer or laptop will catch 100% speed. Due to some reasons our PC starts running slowly or hangs like:

(1) Disabled startup program: –
There is some software in the computer window system that starts running in the background as soon as the system is turned on, although they are of no use in our PC. If you turn them off, the RAM will be freed up a bit, then our PC will reduce running, for this, we will press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the PC with the help of a keyboard, after this, we will get the option of Task Manager after clicking on it Click on Startup and disable unnecessary applications and speed up your PC.
(2) Forest Drive: –
With the help of this application, you can save and keep your data in the Internet cloud and can access it anytime by downloading it. And here you know that it keeps syncing by syncing and keeps sending data to the cloud, which causes your computer to slow down if the application is stopped then the PC can be prevented from slowing down. To stop this, you will have to search the One Drive application on the laptop, by clicking there, you will have to go to the settings and after clicking on the account you will get the option of unlink, clicking on it can stop the drive.
(3) disabled animation and visual graphics
If the animation in your system reduces the graphics to D grade, then the quality will look less, but the system will be fast. To stop it, go to the control panel of the system, here you will get the option to click on the system. Click on the option of System Settings. After this, you have to click on Settings in Advance, after this, you have to click on Simply Visualifacts, after that select Simple Custom and turn it off by selecting Animation.
(4) window update
This is an important topic, friends, you must have noticed that the window update options keep coming, if we connect the internet to the system from mobile then the data also ends. This makes the system slow. To disable this, by opening the services.MSC by pressing the button of window + R, the services will be opened as soon as you get the option of window update, you can disable the window update in the startup type option by right-clicking on it. But kept updating windows from time to time.
(5) Stop notification windows
For this, you have to right-click on the icon of the window, click on settings, after this, after clicking on the system, you will get an option, after clicking on the notification & action, you will get the option to turn off the notification so that it can stop.
(6) Clean Storage
Your computer or laptop has many files or such storage which is tampering, they are not used in the system, these unvoted files take up space in the hard disk due to which the system starts running slowly. They can be deleted automatically, for this, right-click on the icon of the window, click on Settings, then after clicking on the system, a storage option will appear and click on it, and if the option is off then turn on your storage. Will be cleaned
(7) scan your computer
Friends, you will know that if you use the window system, then Crack software must be used in the system. File, folder, the application must be downloaded and installed on your PC. So because of this, the virus comes in the system which can be removed for free. For this, you can install “anti mall ware” software from Google for free. Which will keep the PC pure?

How to improve call quality

Friends, you often do not listen to the voice during calling and the loss of signal while talking on the phone, it increases our problems more when we have to do any important thing. Friends, we all keep facing this problem. Then whether it is to talk to your friends, discuss a project with an office seniors, or even ask about the health of your family sitting far away. So to reduce these problems, we have brought some trick tips for you, by adopting which we can improve the call quality in your house like keep the windows or doors of the room open, clean the speakers and earpiece, the phone Remove the cover, try to keep the phone battery above 25% and change the place and remember where a good signal comes. Even then, if a good signal is not found, then changing the place again and again seems a problem. People have realized this problem and have brought some tricks to solve it. The initial tips for Wi-Fi calling are as follows.
(1) Keep the windows or doors of the room open.
(2) Remove the phone cover and keep the speaker and earpiece clean.
(3) Keep the phone charged more than 25%.
(4) Take care of the place where the good network resides in the phone and change the location.
But frequently changing the place is a problem to deal with which Wi-Fi calling has been started, which has been implemented by Airtel first in the whole country. After clicking, you will click on primary sim or e sim, after that, click on Wi-Fi calling and turn on Wi-Fi calling. In this way, you can enjoy calling from any corner of the house using this trick.